Ошибка в запросе БД:
SELECT  e.*,
                        c.title as category,
                        c.link as category_link, 
                        p.id as place_id, 
                        p.title as place,
                        p.address as address,
                        city.name as city,

                        0 as comments, 

                        DATE_FORMAT(e.date_start, '%d.%m.%Y') as date_start,
                        DATE_FORMAT(e.date_end, '%d.%m.%Y') as date_end,

                        DATE_FORMAT(e.date_start, '%e') as date_start_day,
                        DATE_FORMAT(e.date_start, '%m') as date_start_month,
                        DATE_FORMAT(e.date_start, '%Y') as date_start_year,
                        DATE_FORMAT(e.date_end, '%e') as date_end_day,
                        DATE_FORMAT(e.date_end, '%m') as date_end_month,
                        DATE_FORMAT(e.date_end, '%Y') as date_end_year,

                        (CURRENT_DATE > DATE(e.date_end)) as expired,
                        (DATE(date_start) > CURRENT_DATE) as future

                FROM    cms_event_places p,
                        cms_event_cats c,
                        cms_geo_city city,
                        cms_events e

                WHERE   e.place_id = p.id
                        AND e.category_id = c.id
                        AND p.city_id = city.id


                ORDER BY e.date_start ASC
LIMIT 382, 2

Can't create/write to file '/var/tmp/#sql_2f8_0.MAD' (Errcode: 23)